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Lucas Hug
Great starting build for mercs Lucas:
Race: Human
Occupation: Mercenary
Weapon proficiency medium - 40
Shield - 50
Weapon specific specialization - longsword or shortsword (depending which you want to use) - 100

This build would allow you to use both sword and shield and your sword would swing for +1 damage. It's a good start for the UW system Smile
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Great Suggestion!
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For your first game i would recommend holding off on the spec and picking up your body bonus and a flurry. Keeping in mind you get a full redo for your second game. And you get to keep your cp! As a sword a board dex auggestion is a great start. From there picking up a slay/parry or two and stacking specs will give you great close quarters presence.
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Well thanks a lot for the help SmileSmileSmile
I ll will do as you recommend Dex, sounds a smart way to start.
How do I know how much damage will do my sword, I read that with Weapon proficiency medium,
my sword will have at least 2 damages by hit.
I wasn't thinking on long or short sword, but more medium size sword? is that exist?
I don't wanna get to short to not reach the enemy easily and don't want to be not as fast with the long sword.

And is my Shield can broke? or take damages?

Brennus, I still have to get use to the rules, and don't know What you are talking about :S
I tried to look at the rule book but couldn't find the info, if you don't mind explaining or
pointing the chapters in the rule book, that would be really nice Smile
What the spec, body bonus and flurry?
I get that I have a total of 200 CP and choose some skills that cost CPs.

And In the Basic Character Template you have Body points : 11 for Mercenary, is this my Health?

Thanks SO much for your help!
Step by step I am understanding the rules!!! can't wait to start Wink

See you,
As a Human Merc. Your body (or hit points/health) would be 6 at level 1. Brennus is recommending taking the skill humans get called Body Point Bonus. Which would bring your max body to 11.

In the medium weapon category there should be both long sword and short sword. they also have various sizes you can make them but both swing for 2 damage points.

Weapon Spec is a skill for 100 cp (for mercs.) that increases your damage by 1, so your sword would swing 3 damage points.
Flurry of blows is a skill you can buy for I think 40 cp that allows you to swing 5 extra damage for three swings once per day.

As for the shield they have something called thresholds, The starting shield has a threshold of 10, which means if you block an attack that does 11 damage or more with the shield it breaks.

I believe the build Brennus is recommending is:

Human Merc.
Medium weapon: 40 cp
Body bonus: 50cp
Shield: 50 cp
Flurry of blows: 40cp

That would leave you with 20 cp left over which could be saved or used on a cheap skill such as self mutilate. (Self mutilate allows you to willingly take damage.) Personally I like Brennus's build more as every extra bit of body you can get will usually save your life as a fighter at some point.

Hopefully that answers any questions you had.

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So to keep things balanced, I'd like to show you some other option other than Warrior skills to show you how flexible Underworld is. This is in the event that you want to change from Merc or try something new.

A Support character is a character that is basically behind the scenes. (Although some support characters are offensive it is very hard and costly to do this so I recommend speaking with someone before hand.)

So I use to be a support character in Alchemy and my start build was:

Ajanti - Nightblade (Nightblade's best attraction is that it makes traps cheaper which goes hand in hand with Alchemy)
150 CP Start [Gives you 4 HP]

40CP For Apothecary (Some supports have a prerequisite. This is for alchemy. You can find this out in the rule book.)
40CP For Alchemy Lvl 1 (Gives you 3 recipes to start making Alchemy. I recommend if you choose this option to go expensive. See pg 53 of the rule book for details) [Also check out pg 69 of the Rule Book which explains everything you need to know about Production Points. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT]
50CP Weapons Proficiency Medium - which allows me to use a bow, long/short sword. Ect.

With 20 CP to spare. The thing about being support is that the longer you stay as that character and keep learning more and more levels; the faster or the stronger you become. In this example; Alchemy lvl 2 gives you the ability to use ingested alchemy in food or drink. Alchemy lvl 4 gives you the ability to put contact Alchemy on an item and Alchemy lvl 6 can allow a person to use gas globe alchemy. So it takes leveling and progressing to get stronger.

This is in the event that you are not interested in being on the front lines all the time. Also it will give you a small income in Ralinwood, should you choose to sell it.
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Lucas, There are many different types of weapons you can choose from. If you take a look at the large table in Chapter 6 on page 89, you can fine the minimum and maximum lengths of each weapon. You are welcome to choose any weapon you like, but some weapons require that you buy a skill in order to use them.

A short sword and a long sword are just terms we use to differentiate the different lengths. Take a look at the table and I am sure you can find a sword with the length that you are looking for.

Long sword would probably fit your preference if you are looking for reach. Short swords tend to be a tad short.
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Thanks a lot for your help everyone Smile really appreciate it!

Callum, Ok Now I understand. Yeah, I think starting with Dex build would be fine but the
body point bonus is tempting. being a noob I ll probably need the extra.
But As a Mercenary, I have to crush my enemy and having the +1 damage would be nice. Tough choice XD

Thanks a lot Neomi, it show well the difference between the characters and a different game play.
Yeah I was thinking at being a healer (my favorite for videogame)
but it seams a bit complex and people could die because of my noobiness, I ll probably be a healer after the mercenary.

Yeah, I was thinking on other one handed weapons, but I feel better with the sword. just trying handleling it around the shield. that s my feeling, it could prove wrong Wink
I ll look into the Sword lenght on the rule book.

For my backstory its better if I dont post it in this forum, or I can?

Thanks a lot, you re the best guys!
see you,
You are welcome to post your backstory anywhere you like, however I don't recommend it. If you want it to be reviewed and approved officially, you can read this thread:

And then send it to
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Great! thats just what I needed Smile
Thanks Sierra !!!


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