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Underworld Ralinwood Specific Policies
Stevenson Site Rules

Site Boundaries / Map: 

Washrooms / Shower Buildings
Are in game spaces. No combat (magic and alchemy included) of any kind permitted in the shower stalls.
Reminder that you cannot steal untagged clothing, but tagged clothing is fair game.

The pool has IG rules, which can be found out In Game.
The pool OOG rules are that there is to be no combat of any sort inside the fence (alchemy and magic included). As always, no running, and respect the lifeguards.
No jumping over the fence

For other site policies (Fires, Campsites) please see here:
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Looting of armour.

A PC is not required to attach armour tags to the reps they are wearing. Should another character wish to loot the armour off of another character, even with looting, they cannot simply complete the count and demand the tags if the player being looted wishes for the thief to carry the armour reps and any other reps they have tags for. The victim is obligated to remove the reps as quickly as possible and hand them to the thief. The thief will have to decide if greed or stealth is what they are after when they see a lot of shiny armour walking around.
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