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Returning to Ownership
It's amazing how far Ralinwood has developed in this first year, as a game and also as a community. Not only have we created a settlement and a compliment of characters to populate it, but so many friendships, relationships and good memories. Anthony and I have been missing writing the landscape and playing alongside you. We're so glad to be back and we'd like to thank the community for the patient way that you handled disruption. I know that must have been hard for lots of people because you've invested time and love into your characters just like we have into the setting. Thank you.

There are a few questions that keep coming up, so I'll try to give short answers here for everything. You can comment here or email me at if you need more details.

What happens to my current plot/email/conversation/etc?
We'd like to keep it running like nothing has changed. Since the shapers haven't changed, that's mostly very easy. If you were working on something with an owner and aren't sure what happens now, email me what you've got and we'll pick things up where they were left off.

Are there going to be winter games?
Yes! I need to get our insurance and a few other details set up, and then we'll be in action. My hope is to run four winter events, the first of them at the end of January. I'll post dates and details soon.

Is anything serious changing?
Almost everything is going to keep going exactly as it was before. I'm about to re-post game policies and I encourage everyone to read them. (That's a great thing to do every year or so even if ownership has remained the same.) They should all feel pretty familiar.

What's going to happen to our Lord and Lady?
That's a great question. You'll have to find out in game!

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