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When to Call a 'Hold'
When to Call a ‘Hold’
‘Hold’ is a word used to pause the game and stop combat. This word is often reserved for Shapers who need to tell everyone a description to better set the scene, but it is also used, more importantly, in unsafe situations.

We understand that the word ‘Hold’ is commonly used, but it is possible to eliminate this word from your vocabulary. Sure, it is perfectly fine to say “Please hold my sword”, but yelling the word ‘Hold’ does put a pause on the game world. It is up to you guys to find new words to replace this one taboo.

  • When a ‘Hold’ is called, take a knee, or if you can’t do that you can simply stand still.
  • Please try and be very quiet while in a ‘Hold’. These are generally very important situations, either IG or OOG.
  • If you see someone who looks injured, PLEASE ask them if you can call a ‘Hold’ for them. If you are unsure if someone is really hurt, just ask them “Hey, are you ok?”, or “Do you need help?” If the person wants a hold or does not answer, call the hold.
  • If you are injured and need immediate medical assistance, or have dropped your glasses, you should call a ‘Hold’.
    • If you have sustained a minor injury and you do not need immediate medical assistance, you may put your hand upon your head and remove yourself from combat. (This goes for NPCs and PCs). When you are out of the combat, remove your hand from your head and let someone know that you are injured so they can get a medical marshal for you.
  • Do not put your hand on your head and go OOG willy nilly. Asking a question or trying to get medical assistance should be the very few times you go OOG.
  • Do not use the word “Hold” IG as means to stop someone. Use anything else, stop, halt, don’t move! Saying “Hold” at any time aside from a legitimate medical reason can be confusing and really trips up the flow of the game.

You can also read what the rulebook has to say on page 7 and 8.

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