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Character Histories: 'How-To' & Approvals
Please submit your Character History to me at

If you've submitted a character history and would like to know if it's been approved, check your character in the online database here:
*You CANNOT have your backstory approved UNTIL until you have your character REGISTERED IN THE DATABASE and you have PAID YOUR CHARACTER CREATION FEES*
To register a character, email

You cannot use the in-game forums or the Chatroom until you've either:
  1. Submitted a character card and history, and BOTH have been approved
  2. Have attended an event. Even if you have attended an event, we ask that you still submit a character history

Tips on Creating Your Level 1 Character History

What the rulebook says:

Once you've designed a basic character concept and determined your defined character choices you'll want to write a character history. In general, a character history should be at least one typed page in length and no more than ten. A character history is a written account of your character's life up until the point at which s/he
starts the game. For examples of good and bad character histories and pointers on what the Shapers want to see, consult a New Player Liaison or Shaper.

Tips and suggestions:
  • Keep it simple, short, and to the point! 1-2 pages is more than enough. Summarize. If you would like to write a longer version of your history, it will be tacked onto your short summary, but the short version is preferred.
  • Characters often change by their 2nd or 3rd event. Don't paint yourself into a corner when you are still learning about the game. Long, complicated backgrounds may be more difficult to role-play than you originally thought, and you may find yourself abandoning your history once you have a better understanding of the game world.
  • Your character is level one. Always keep this in mind. Fighting off 20 bandits by yourself in an epic nighttime battle will sound questionable when you can't survive a single Kobold at your first event. You are unskilled and inexperienced. You will become a hero in game, at events, or not at all.
  • If you are a member of an organization, you are the lowest possible rank. You're a recruit in the military, a novice in the religious order or an apprentice in the mage's guild.
  • You can begin with sentimental items or heirlooms and even rep them in game.
  • Find a reason for coming to Ralinwood, even if you abandon it 10 minutes after being in game for the first time.
  • Joining with friends? If you are starting with two (or so) friends, write histories that all share the same stories. Or even better, write a single history for all three (or so) characters. The plot team prefers to give time, effort, and personal plotlines towards groups of players instead of a single player.

What will NOT be approved:
  • Any advantage that any other new character cannot have.
  • Anything your race doesn't have.
  • Special powers or abilities which were not purchased with CP. (character points)
  • Magic items, dormant or not.
  • Being part of a noble family
  • Beginning as a member of any organization in Ralinwood.
  • Beginning as a member of a special NPC organization without permission. (The Skein Dominion, Bloodmoon, House Bantry, etc.)
  • Beginning as a hero
  • Doing anything that a level 1 character can't do.

Names that will NOT be approved:
  • Important figures of history
  • Comic book heroes
  • TV character
  • Movie characters
  • Well known characters from novels
  • Gods/Goddesses
  • Ancient mythological figures
(we also ask that you don't start randomly using these names as an alias once you start playing)

Last Tips:
  • Please spell check, use paragraphs, and edit. The point of you writing a history is to get plot's attention. Reading 6 pages worth of solid, unformatted, wall of text will not impress the plot team, and won't make them want to write personal plot for you.

  • Please try not to write your history in the 1st person, or from the perspective of another person. We can't tell what's lies from truth when this is done. Keep them short and factual.
- The All Seeing Eye -
- Backstory Wizard -

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