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High Winter...
Ladies and Gentlemen of Ralinwood.... This is our final event of the season. I joined you folks in the midterm, and I must say that I was impressed. The costuming, the immersion, the levels of interaction between the folks and between camps. Too much fun... I know that our camp as well as the others have expanded as we all express our enjoyment of this game. As this may be the last time we see each other for six months.... let's obviously IG give it our last ditch effort.. but OOG, I'd like to make it a point to have a thing at the close of game... even just a few minutes to reflect on the fun we've had... I'm not going to go all kumbaya, but I think it'd be nice to enjoy the company of those that we've spent the season with.

I hope to see you folks at High Winter, if not I look forward to seeing you again next season,

Jeff Koch
Rolin Smith
I agree Jeff , it's been a blast roleplaying with you.
Underworld for me was the first real LARP I joined, there are many out there. The first time I played as Zero, I felt lost in this big world. Knew only Sandor since we joined together, but the people of the game really made me feel welcome even for what Zero was. Now as Kare that same level of welcome hasn't faded, if more so its grown. Thanks to Underworld I wanted to try more LARPS, doing so I found more friends then I ever had before. Im going to try and join as many LARPS (within a good driving distance XP) as I can.

Thank you everyone of Underworld, I hope Kare has helped everyone make this game fun, because everyone has helped give me memories I hope I never forget.
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
70+ have viewed, 2 have replied not sure of the pause. Wink So in the tradition of the internet, I hereby submit my challenge to Ralinwood (No ice involved.) to let us know of your greatest moment of the past season. Could be you, could be something you've seen..
Killing the Grim
Killing Matty and Matt's orcs in broad daylight, 30 or 40 feet from other people out in the open, and not being lynched
Interactions with Lord Vintner
Teaching the Einher to play Shiva's Wrath
Hanging out with Emerald Company
Disturbing Ashby by standing a short distance behind him and playing with my stiletto
Tormenting Sven

Too many to list since it has been a good first season
Older looking male Dwarf

OOG Name - Brad Stevens
To list a few:
Killing the Grim with Brad/Dakkon Big Grin
Giga smithing circle.
Doyly, just Doyly. - "What are you?" " I'm a garglyn!" "...I understand you!"
Singing with my brother.
Wolf boxers fight.
*Matty crashes to the ground* "Hold!" - "NO HOOLD!"
Breaking into the sunken ship, "Well we killed all the murkers. What's that?" "Berserk 1... Berserk 2..." "Okay, wade to safety!"
Levi: "You can keep the gold, I'm taking the box!"
Ludvic's stone formed "Fuck you!" Pose
Drakkon stabbing the fuck out of the good morning kobold.
Slaying all the way down the seamonster's throat in my final moments.
Army-crawling away from undead.
Orc/warg hunting party
"Murder bear"
IG: A young High Elf man. Moderately armoured, he is often seen wearing a red tabard sporting a black flame. He carries a glimmering silver short sword at his waist and a sturdy-looking shield on his back. His pointed ears are adorned with metal cuffs. 

OOG: Dustin Smith
Being lazy.
Hitting things with a stick sometimes
looking grumpy because i don't have contacts :p
Elderly Human man wearing a long grey coat over chainmaille.
Killing all the undead on all Hallows. Yay for healing magic Big Grin
Young human female wearing a pirate hat and a red vest with an hourglass on the back
OGG- Alexandra Kerr-

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