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Killing blow active
From the Latest rulebook:
Killing Blow Delivery
A killing blow is a death strike. It is a final assurance that the victim of an attack is dead. A proper killing blow takes a 10-count with bare hands or a 5-count with a weapon. A successful killing blow (one that has not been interrupted) forces the victim to skip their 1-minute bleed count and proceed directly into their 5-minute death
count. Unless a victim is unconscious, bleeding out, in a state of total paralysis, or has all 4 limbs bound, the victim can resist/interrupt the killing blow at any time. When a PC reaches 5th level they are considered to be “killing blow active”. This means that NPC random encounters may use killing blows and instant death effects on them. NPC’s should ask what level you are before delivering such an attack. If they do not, simply inform them in
a discrete manner. Before a PC reaches level 5, they cannot be attacked with a killing blow by an NPC. Players are always killing blow active with respect to other players.

We were talking about this in NPC camp on Sunday morning just thought I'd put it here as a reminder bold parts are bold.
Thank you Nick, you are correct.

The Rulebook states this on page 15.

This rule may or may not still be in effect for All Hallows............
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Yeah All Hallows is always a different sort of bag of tricks.
Me and Eli were wrong on this rule when we needed to make the call. Sorry about that Nick, it was only changed in the last few months. Thanks for posting the most recent version of it.
Is there a possibility that on specific mods there's a chance that NPCs will be KBA regardless of PC levels? (as in, the level of a PC will not protect them from a killing blow on a mod)
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Especially since we just came off a game where NPCs were way too brutal, I'd like to remind people that there are little to no life effects in game. A killing blow right now is basically an NPC saying "go rez." I understand the fear factor yada yada, but let's get up to the point where there's at least a small handful of life effects in town before killing blows come out.

A minute for healing is short enough.
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I can't think of any reason we would allow NPCs to killing blow pcs below level 5. If at anytime a PC that not KB active receives a killing blow I encourage you to remind that NPC and/or call for a shaper.
This was more to post about PC INTERACTION than for NPCS I agree with Matt in terms of lettin the game grow before NPCS are brutal. It's not a problem Shaper Matt just wanted to post the recent one Smile
I'm going to go ahead and parrot Matt's responses. I hadn't known that they clarified that portion of the rulebook at the time. Thanks for bringing it up.

Also, NPCs should not be KBing players yet. If they are, call a marshal or let us know at the next convenient time. We'll sort it out.

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