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Garrotte vs Gorget , rules as written.
It's been bouncing around that plate gorgettes are the only acceptable defense against a garrotte.

The way I read it is.

A gorgette, non flexible neck protector, will protect against Garrotte. This band must be completely non
flexible and must provide at least 1 full point of armour to the neck location. Targets wearing gorgette may call
“No Effect” to the attack and are not held or incapacitated in any way.

Studded leather/ Boiled Non-flexible Leather - 2pts/location: Any type of leather of 5oz or greater thickness
with studs, grommets or rings attached to it (generally studs will need to be no more than 2" apart) or any leather
that is boiled to the point of rigidity, will be graded as full value.

I mean right there boiled non-flexible leather has non flexible in its description and provides 2 points of armour.

Imho boiled leather should do the job provided it covers your neck loc 4 and 24.

Another acceptable method of making one would be to make it out of bent wood. Since wood can be non-flexible and provides 1pt per location. Warping a piece of plywood in a sink and the putting some sort of fastener on it would be a pretty inexpensive gorgette, and way for a wood worker to make money in game.

Am I correct in my interpretation of the rules?
I am not certain on the rules for wood armour, but yes, a gorgette can be made out of hardened leather.

And when I say hardened, I mean completely un-bendable.
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I've had very little success with boiling leather to the point of complete rigidity. If the boiled leather is indeed completely inflexible, and an armour marshal grades it as such, then I'd say you could use it as a proper gorget. Similarly, a inflexible wooden gorget would work as well, assuming it recieves armour points from a Ralinwood armour marshal.

From the rulebook:

Quote:Leather - 1pt/location: Leather of at least 5oz thickness or more will be graded as full value. Most types of wooden armour will also fall into this category.
Boiling Leather is tricky. I have seen success in soaking the leather in water and then baking it around a mold such as a pot or casserole dish.

A gorgette has passed at Jericho using this method.
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I have a hardened leather gorgette that has passed as garrote-proof (in Jericho).

A few different angles on it...

[Image: 08U342d.jpg]

[Image: TmTmNTr.jpg]

[Image: VD9DXdu.jpg]

I didn't make it myself though, so I have no idea what the exact technique was. It was made for me by Midnight Armory -
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Yep, boiled leather does count as non-flexible and therefore garotte-proof. Sierra and Ryan are also right that it can be very difficult to make, but it sounds like you've got some experience with it, so that may not worry you.

Likewise, rigid wood is an acceptable possibility. The most important thing to note about wood is that armour of "very poor craftsmanship" and armour of "obvious modern clothing" can be failed for the sake of game quality. I have never passed plywood armour before now and, with no historical precedent for plywood, I can't honestly say that it's likely. I've only ever seen wooden armour come into game that was made of an actual solid piece of wood. That said, if you think you're game for it, you're welcome to take a shot. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't pass.

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