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Donations List 2014
All donations are rewarded with frags, the exact number varying based on time, expense and quality of the items donated. Please keep receipts for your materials/purchases.

Post here or email if you want to claim one of these projects so we can cross it off the list. If you want to donate something that isn't on the list, please email us and check first.

Metal Armour (plate and chain)
Swords (Short and Long)

Masks (please email or PM me for details if you want to make/purchase these)
Quality elf ears
Snazaroo, Wolf, Chameleon or other equivalent paint in any colour
Latex prosthetics

NPC Camp:
Duct Tape: 3 grey, 2 red, 2 brown
Glow sticks
Trap supplies (rape alarms, fishing line, etc.)
White Packets (150)

Smoke bombs (small and large)

We look forward to killing you all with the weapons of your own creation.

(Last updated Nov. 19, 2014.)
Looking for an update to this list when possible. Smile Would like to be able to bring in some more things for or before high winter. Smile
Michelle I know there were a bunch of unsafe swords this past weekend that Brian dealt with. I'd like to make up a bunch for you guys if you need them!
Give us a list to allow us to throw items at you
Matthew Weaver
An Einish Male of Clan Bothnia. 
Just updated. We could use half a dozen swords. Longswords would be better since we have mostly short swords right now. A couple of bastard swords would also be good, but not a ton of them. Facepaint pucks (Chameleon, Wolf or Snazz) are welcome in any colour and any volume. If you have ideas for something that isn't listed that you think we could use you can shoot me an email.
Could you use a wooden cart for the merchants?
I'll take care of the bastard swords. 2 of them? I still have 6 stilettos and a staff to donate as well.
Matthew Weaver
An Einish Male of Clan Bothnia. 
I know you don't have any staffs any more. I know those aren't hugely popular, but I know Jeff Barth wanted to make some for you guys (throwing this out there for him since he doesn't have internet at home). Could you use some staves?
Governor Miss Aminata Gomorrah, Daughter of House Gomorrah of the Council of Twelve, Governor of Ralinwood.
High elf female, blonde hair, blue or brown shoulder bag, red and black scarf on her belt, typically in a long skirt.
((OOG: Ivanna, Coffee half French Vanilla))
I can do six swords for high winter they will be Max long sword length
Ivanna, yes, we could use a few staves too. Thanks for the reminder.

Matt, 2 or 3 bastard swords would be good.

Jeff, thank you, but probably not. It's a nice idea, but our storage space is limited at the moment.

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