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As Old As Time

Five years ago, you crossed the great sea and settled on these lands. Five years ago, you answered our cries for help and saved us from the Bloodbringer orc tribe. Five years ago, we brokered a mutual alliance to live harmoniously with your people.

Since then, we have lived well, content in our seclusion. We prospered with this peace–but we were not the only ones. Without the Bloodbringer orcs as a constant threat, we, alongside our Squamata brethren, continued to grow.

Perhaps we dwelled too deep in the swamps for too long. Too secluded. When the Shak’tar spoke of Ralinwood’s expansion, our fear displaced our memory.

We are stricken with guilt and regret. We don’t deny our involvement in the flooding of your fields, but we do ask forgiveness for our ignorance in what the Shak’tar have done. We underestimated what they were capable of.

Your kindness spared the lives of our people–twice now. We will do whatever we can to repay this debt.

Grosh, Emissary of the Gremmel
Ralinwood Shaper 2019
OOG: Rachel Mortaley

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