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First Time LARPers - Session 1 Costs and Misc
(01-19-2018, 03:29 PM)Ursel Wrote: Hello! I'm Alex, one of the New Play Liaisons or NPLs, I'd be happy to answer some of your questions.

First off, your first game is free! Yay! And if forever reason you decide to attend an event that cannot be free (ex. one we have catering for or a Warcry event) then the next one after that will be. After that day mods tend to be around $30 with prelog and prepay and weekend events around 40$ with prelog and prepay. Prices go up when sign up opens for the games (roughly 2 weeks before the event itself).

That list of yours covers most of what you need to do. Dang, doing my job for me. I love you guys already. Make sure to remember to buy your character skills before game (though push comes to shove we can add them on site), we've had some people forget that.

Occupations wise we've got quite the mix but race wise Ralinwood has a lot of humans, Einher and High Elves, at least off the top of my head. We don't have too many Savar, I think only one or two Wood Fae, haven't seen a dwarf around in many a moon, etc... You get one free remort/mulligan/do-over after your first game though so if you come in as something and decide "nah, my human merc blacksmith is now a dark elf assassin with a bit of magic" that's completely ok, just email logistics and let them know before your second game. After that though you're locked in.

Hope this helps! You can also contact the NPL team at if you have more specific questions.

Thank you for the assistance, wise elfen-one!

I thought I had read something about needing to do some things when you show up to the you just report to logistics and they log you, then you can spend blankets (if you have any / want to) and then off to the races?

Also what is the expectation as far as remembering rules goes? If I were to have one major flaw, it'd be that my memory is terrible. Also my partner is very enthusiastic though she is far from a rules master (and its hard for her to find time to read a lot - she's quite busy, so I'll be walking her through it with most of my own slow-gained knowledge).

Just want to make sure we aren't bringing the experience down for anyone! We're dedicated role-players though, we love story and are very ready to get into character!

Anyways...thanks again Alex, we both really appreciate your help - hopefully we'll meet in the field soon enough!

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