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Many Hellos!
Greetings Ralinwood! 

I am very much looking forward to getting out to an event and seeing you all Smile

Most folks know me as Cress, I'm started Underworld in the Jericho guildhouse and saw that Ralinwood is a stonesthrow away from where I live (Kitchener) so I wanted to try it out, cause I hear wonderful things. 

I'll be bringing in a dark elf (hopefully) soon. If anyone is interested in knowing Ishtaar or having any ties, please feel free to reach out (e-mail or FB is cool!), and we can chat it up  Smile

Ishtaar has travelled all around the continent, so maybe he's seen you, maybe not... but it's always cool to know folks! 

Anyways... figured I would say "hello" before I threw him into the wilderness
Ishtaar - Dark Elf | Age: 178 | Carries a Greatsword and tells Great stories
(OOG: Dennis "Cressidia Holmes" Claveau | e-mail:

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