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2015 Shaper and Season NPC Applications
Attention Ralinwood!

We are looking for creative and smart people to fill a few positions on the Plot team for this up and coming 2015 season. We are looking for full time Shapers to write stories as well Season NPCs to entertain the players. Due to a fluctuating demand, the number of positions are not set in stone at the present time.

Please apply if you have any interest, no experience is necessary, and often times the most inexperienced can bring new and fresh ideas to the team.

The form below is a preliminary application where you will state the position you are looking for, the reason why you are applying, and any qualifications you have (if any). After you have completed this form we will send those who applied for Shaper positions a more in-depth application. Please take these questions seriously, you are applying for a job here, wit is fine, but joke/non-genuine answers will not be accepted.

If you are interested, but wish to ask questions before applying, please don’t hesitate to contact a current Shaper. We will begin filling positions early in the new year, so we ask those who are interested to apply sooner rather than later as we will need to start preparing for the next season.

2015 Shaper and Season NPC Application FORM

Job Descriptions
Shapers are responsible for writing stories and plot lines for the entire year. Creating engaging stories that the players will remember for years to come. You are the narrator to the Ralinwood story and your voice has the power to shape the world around you and the players. Each Shaper earns 70 Frags per event.

Season NPCs
Season NPCs are similar to event or shift NPCs, but they are often given larger, or recurring roles that require more planning and trust. Because a Season NPC is trusted with full season plot and roles, they may not play their character during their term. This is done to avoid confusing as well as metagaming. A Season NPC earns 50 Frags per event.
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