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Fundraising Results
The following is posted on the notice board:

Well, Ralinwood, well. 

The coins have been counted, the materials sorted, and the goods that could not be used have been sold with help from the nobility for the highest value we could negotiate. It has been a process - from the organization, to the event, to the aftermath. 

I would like to say, first and foremost, how proud I am of you as a town. I am proud that so many of you put everything into responding to a call for help. I am proud of those of you who put in the extra to make the fundraiser shine. I am proud of the Rose members who never stopped the entire night. I am proud of Sir Abbattage for his support for the refugees - I am working with them on how to use what was raised for them and they will be addressing you all as well later. I am proud of the nobility, the various groups from both gods and draconic, the guilds that abided by the simple rules and supported us. The teamwork and enthusiasm from the majority of you was heartwarming and the hope I needed.

I suppose I should get to the totals you've all been enduring for though, before I gush the night away and run out of ink.

As a town, we raised a grand total of 213 gold, 6 silver just for the farms and folk in the area.

119 gold, 109 silver in coin. The remainder in goods of various varieties. This is beyond extraordinary. This is absolutely phenomenal. 

I cannot possibly thank you all enough with words. We will be beginning projects with building high stone walls around the perimeter of the farmland, repairing buildings, and putting in sturdy stone floors in the large farmhouses first and the small farmhouses second so that undead cannot burst in from below. We are also helping with preparations for the upcoming planting season and looking into the possibility of starting lessons for the children next winter. Once those projects are completed we will let you know of what is planned next. If you would like to volunteer please come see me at the Rose barracks. 

While coin cannot erase the loss, destruction and death that these people have experienced and endured; it is a beginning to build back into a happy and thriving community of prosperity.

This is beyond wonderful.

Thank you, people of Ralinwood for what you have done.


Sir Onno of the Order of the Shield, and the many people who's lives you have improved greatly.

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