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To whoever needs to here this
To whoever needs to here these words,

I've been thinking recently about the events that took place last moon in our town, and about the blame being thrown towards certain groups and individuals. I wish to speak bluntly and honestly here, because I feel this needs to be said to everyone.

We failed. We failed to stop all the canisters placed to poison us, and now we will have to suffer for it. We failed to save the Two Feathers and we could very well lose their trust and alliance over it. We failed to come together as a town once again, and we won't again because we can't stop blaming each other for what happened. 

Those who stayed behind to find the canisters are not at fault for what happened, and it is thanks to their efforts that we still stand. The greenskins of the Crossroads are also not at fault for what happened, and I for one am tired of them taking the blame for our collective failings and won't stand by and have our allies berated any longer. 

Instead let us be very clear and honest with ourselves about what actually happened... due to the actions of a minority, the whole of town was misinformed and ill prepared for what happened. The information given to us during town meeting was misunderstood and misread because someone misread a single word and nobody bothered to check the notes a second time. We thought the Squamata were referring to "a cursed" wild elf rather than the "accursed" wild elves, which thanks to the reported therian attack the night before had us looking in the wrong places. Again... we were unprepared because either PEOPLE HOARDED INFORMATION, or NO ONE BOTHERED TO DOUBLE CHECK AND QUESTION said information and took people at their face value.  

This is why we failed, not because of the Crossroads and not because of the new adventures left to defend town. The ones being blamed did everything they could have, and we owe our lives to them for their deeds. Lets stop pushing the blame onto other groups and take a long look at ourselves, at our own shortcomings, and fucking do better next time.

Penned for- Brondulf Elricson ᛏ
IG: A tall slender Einher sporting the the blue and green colors of clan Galloglach, with the Tiwaz rune painted over his right eye. 

OOG: Rowan Carnahan-Koberinski


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