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Event Costs 2020 - Ivanna - 01-25-2020

Costs and Fees

Game Costs
One-day events: $45, $40 with prelog
Three-day events: $60, $55 with prelog
Double blanket events: $80, $75 with prelog

Season Pass 
Price TBD

Electronic payments for Ralinwood events and frags
Payments meant for Ralinwood items may be sent via:
- E-transfer to: ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca
- Paypal to: Paypal.me/ralinwood

Bunks: $10/weekend
Private Cabins: $150/weekend

Information about cabins at Stevenson's: http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums/showthread.php?tid=4573

Admin Costs
Character creation fees (to unlock new characters): $15

Character transfer fee (to transfer a character between guilds): $35
Please pay using this link: https://underworldlarp.com/product/character-transfer/