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For Now, Farewell - Carrion - 01-16-2020

To those it may concern,

I struggle with farewells, but I have come to know the pain of being denied a single word of one, so I leave this letter.

For the past three years I’ve made a home for myself in this town. I have acted as an apprentice, Warden, priest, hospital member, RAC councilor, and confidant. I have watched it grow and change in many ways, and in others stay very much the same... for better and for worse.

I wish Ralinwood well, and I wish the same for all of you.

There was a time when I wished to never leave his place. I surrendered my immortality to remain here. I had my friends, my flock, my work. The nobility was empathetic to my plight, and with time dark magic was decriminalized. I had many who could come to me for aid and for advice, and I could lend the power of my god to those who would offer him the respect he was due. I was content.

The life of a cleric, however, is not one of contentment. It’s one of service.

I have been called away to serve in ways I did not expect, and as always, it is my honour and my privilege to do as my god wills. Though cleric I may be, I am a humble servant to those of his church. Perhaps, with luck, our paths will cross in the days or years to come. For now, however, I must travel as I once did.

I ask the friends I still have in this town for their understanding that I left in this way. I was given a taste of what it's like to say goodbye when I considered fleeing the Citadel, and I don't have the heart to repeat it.

I ask that those who share in my devotion have the conviction to follow their path and do right by the Nightkeeper, and that they forgive me for leaving them to find their own way. There are others who have a greater need of me, and I have faith you will all accomplish great things without me.

Finally, I ask that what I have seen come to pass is not undone as I leave. That the dark preserves their place within this town with patience and with grace. While the Church of Light may be under the control of a harsh and zealous man, your neighbours are not. Work with them and judge them for their own actions. Together we can all weather the storm and whatever threats Ralinwood may face regardless of faith or allegiance.

Until we meet again, take care.

Your friend and ally,
Sindri “Carrion” Indridason
Cleric of Dietremen

PS, If someone could inform Emilio that I've left a large stack of books in a chest by the pavilions for him, I would be most appreciative. I like to travel light, and I think they would be of interest to him. Keep in mind that stealing them is probably a treason.