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A letter in the night - ShaperJay - 01-11-2020

-A Letter is posted-

DEER Friends. I hope you are well. I know the winter can BEE a dreary season. I will not BOAR you with details of my journey, but I did not CHICKEN out of it, to say the least. I did manage to WOLF down some delicious foods however, made me smile like a FOX in a hen house. My dog managed to chase a RABBIT, and I was forced to BAT him away before the meat was no longer edible. I met some friends, and I managed to SPY-DER home from a distance. I am there now. Will write more soon.

See Horse Drink Boggrel
Crab Deputy Hunt Lady Chick Eat Salamander.
Shirt Burgundy Purple Emerald Orange Pink
Hat Owner Corset Hat Guard Thief Ask Hen.
Tabbard Shirt Owner
Sleep Lord Cleric Chick.
Scarlet Destroy Bear
Rooster See Horse
Champion Take Navy Merchant Deputy
Lord Take Coat
Think Ask See Hen.
Crab Destroy Begger Chick
Pink Queen
Guard Toad Spy Deputy.