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TOWN NOTICE - Dust - 07-08-2019

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RE: TOWN NOTICE - Duneblade - 07-24-2019

Camp Forgemane has approached House of I these past few days to help defend Ralinwood in it's hour of need. The illness spreading throughout the area could potentially have disastrous effects on each and every one of us. As such, it is our pleasure to defend the ritual that will be undertaken. We will stand guard, and welcome all others willing to do so, for the good of Ralinwood, and the good for all. Come brothers and sisters, lend yourselves to this endeavour. It's success will be a great boon to the town, and should they fail, we should all fear what that would mean.

Penned by Honey of Camp Forgemane.

OOG Dave Thompson
IG Harconus