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Tavern Menu - Ivanna - 06-14-2016


Pancakes: $2 for 3
2 pancakes and 2 sausage patties: $5

Burger: $3.50
Burger with Cheese: $4
Double Burger with Cheese: $5
Double Burger with Double Cheese i.e. "The Callum": $5.50
Double Burger with Double Cheese and Bacon (BACON AVAILABLE WHEN IT'S ON SALE, WE'RE NOT RICH, PEOPLE) i.e. "The Muninn": $6.50
Hotdogs: $3
BlackBean Burger i.e. "The Druid": $3 (available by request, please let me know BEFORE game)
Veggie Soup: $3/bowl (gluten free!)

Snacks: $0.50 (chips, granola bars, cookie packs, half a giant muffin)
Drinks: $1 (pop/water/coffee/hot chocolate/tea)

Any questions, comments, dietary needs, to name a food item, or to tell me that Ivanna and/or the Tavern suck, you can message me or email me at ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca