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Paying For Game, Unlocks and Transfers - Ivanna - 04-26-2016

Paying for Events

For Game, Cabin and Admins prices, see here:  http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums/showthread.php?tid=4596

To pay for a Ralinwood event you may do the following and still receive benefits of attendance (e.g. CP, etc):

1.Pay cash at logistics and attend the event.

2.Pay cash at logistics and immediately leave the event.

3. We NO LONGER ACCEPT debit/ credit on site. You must bring cash or pre-pay.

4. Electronic pre-payments
Email-transfer prepay to ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca
Paypal: Paypal.me/ralinwood

5. Prelog and prepay for an event (via email E-transfer, see below) and not show up.

6.Pay cash for another player at logistics who is attending the event and is with you at logistics.

7.Pay for another player at logistics who has already prelogged, and is not attending the event

8. Lastly, you may pre-pay for multiple events or even an entire season if desired .

You may not

1. Receive the character card of anyone else but you. Even if you’ve paid for their game. If someone has crafted an item for you, or you’ve earned money via craftman skill, it is the player’s responsibility to pick it up at game.  
2. Apply more than 2 blankets on 1 character per game. Upkeep and blanketing will still occur at the same rate, as each individual event comes up.

**Note that we consider events that you have paid for but don't attend as "attendance". If every character who attended the event takes a death or gets race-changed, you will too. If you have a special promotion that kicks in, or are suffering an event suspension, paying but not attending counts toward them.

Character creation
Character creation fees (to unlock new characters): $15 to Underworld Canada (payments@larp.ca)

Character transfer
Character transfer fee (to transfer a character between guilds): $35 to Underworld Canada (payments@larp.ca)