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RE: REVIEW - Armour System - Brennus - 01-12-2016

I think play testing these proposed changes in isolation from one another would be a good idea but. When we are talking about closing the gap between heavily armoured fighters and light armoured fighters i don't think proper consideration has been given to damage mitigation beyond the ap value. Namely avoidance. Someone in as much armour as i wear is taking every single hit he does not block with shield or boffer. A light armoured fighter has another option of dodging or simply running. From that stand point i feel like heavy armour should always be significantly better then light as it essentially robs you of one method of defense. I think the proposed change to armour smithing may be enough. The new breach mechanic seems unduly harsh on heavy armour. In a wave battle for instance which deals with the desired attrition style combat one destroy armour or a last second slay while withdrawing now halves the ap advantage of the armour while it retains its hefty negative to avoidance. When a heavy fighter breaches in a battle like that he is a corpse. The light fighter can still run and live.

RE: REVIEW - Armour System - Sierra Katrian - 01-13-2016

We get where you are coming from, Dan, and we have considered that standpoint. The reason we went with this method was 1) uniformity across the AP board. 2) we want people to fight strategically. Not just the brute fighter going in, hacking and slashing until they are depleted, coming back out, getting smithed and then doing it again. We want there to be consequences to fighting blindly and without allys or a plan.

Heavily armoured people can still fight in the same way they are doing now, but you will have to be very carefull and keep an eye on your armour. You can still get refit to full as long as you don't breach, so your style of fighting will have to change and this may allow others to have fun fighting as well. This method will also allow the NPCs to catch their breath in between waves because smithing will take much longer, and fixing breaches will be top priority.

I also feel that the RP will be more real, and the terror that lightly armoured people feel will become a reality for the heavy armoured people...And rightfully so. Things should be scary, no matter the armour you are wearing. Aren't we playing UW for the fear and excitement?

RE: REVIEW - Armour System - Brennus - 01-13-2016

You should talk to matt flynn about how helpful my armou was that one time we went on a current run lol

RE: REVIEW - Armour System - Gideon McKraken - 01-13-2016

(01-13-2016, 11:09 AM)Brennus Wrote: You should talk to matt flynn about how helpful my armou was that one time we went on a current run lol

Matt flynn here. I fully support the route Brian was going on his first post. Only scanned the thread, but I think the rebalancing would make the game more playable.