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Full Version: Hiring: Head of Plot for 2021
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Experience required:

1 year PCing (at Ralinwood preferred)
Dungeon Master / Game Master / Shaper experience
Acting, set dressing, costuming, film, drama, game design experience an asset but not required
Supervisory/Project Management experience preferred

Oversee the writing Season Plot
Work with Ownership in managing the Plot Team
Oversee meetings with the Plot team
Acting as the go-between for the Shapers and Ownership
Work closely with Shapers and Season NPCs to send out recurring characters
Writing, staging, executing and marshaling mods
Preparation work between games (creating costumes, masks, makeup, reps, props)
Preparing and writing tags before and at game
Answering the shaper email / plot requests between games
Occasionally running scenes on the forums, Discord or by email
Occasionally NPCing roles
Managing NPCs and NPC camp
Helping Shapers with carrying out mods
Set up NPC camp before game / clean up after game
Other duties as required

Your term as Head of Plot would start with the new season, pending the end of quarantine measures, and go until the conclusion of the season.

You are expected to be able to attend all On Season games. If you can't / don't attend the majority of events, we reserve the right to remove/ replace you.

Apply: https://forms.gle/syzWjiBbFhaiBJPT9