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Full Version: Hospital Meeting
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I apologize for my extended absence from town, my travels kept me from here for longer than I intended. 

In preparation for Hallows I will be holding a Hospital meeting this coming Friday, hopefully around 10 at night. This meeting may be pushed back if hell breaks loose while we're trying to have it. The meeting should hopefully be short, I will be taking down names of those who wish to join, making sure those who have joined recently are on the roster, and paying people for the month that I was away from town and unable to get payment out. I will also be giving members some advice for the Hallows, if they wish it, otherwise people can leave once we have our logistics sorted out.

If you are a member, wish to join, or have questions for me, please seek me out at this time. I will likely be found in or around the sanctuary building, and will give a call when I am about to start the meeting. If you cannot make it at this time please seek me out later and we'll get you sorted.

For those who were interested in the new rez circle, we're just figuring out a time to get our ritual caster out this way. He can't visit often. We have all the scrolls and most of the catalysts in question, we're just sorting out the final steps for it.

Those looking to be guards, we can talk to you about applying but we need to sort out how many we can afford to pay at this point in time.

Take care of each other in these dangerous times.

Doctor Ori Moran
Co Head of the Threefold Hospital of Ralinwood
Paladin of Cassandra
Date: October 29, 2261
To: Paladin Moran
From: Ostrozne Ghul Zjadacz
re: Above posting.

Doctor Moran,

You left town in a rush. Can't say I blame you. I'm in the neighbourhood. Perhaps I can help.

-Ostrozne Ghul Zjadacz

I'm still deciding if I'm pulling a full Hawke in that town. Probably not, too much left to do. But I can dream.

I look forward to meeting up with you when you arrive, then. If you can't make the initial meeting then I'll be around for whatever nonsense is sure to come after.

- Dr. Moran
To Doctor Moran

Hey its Java. I'd like to somehow get invested into the Rez Circle.

Unless you got another very talented mystic invested we should have at least ONE so we know who's coming back and all.

Either way I HOPE I'm still part of the hospital, if im not then I understand.

Still at Brewlord camp if you want to find me or just come from drinks.

High Shaman, 'The Haunted Hand', Java Aquari of the Brewlord Clan