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Full Version: *Must Read - All Hallows Warning*
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This is the obligatory All Hallows Warning.

To those of you who have attended an Underworld All Hallows event before, you know what I am about to say. To those attending their first All Hallows, please read carefully.

All Hallows events at Underworld are some of the most intense LARP experiences you can have. Everyone who's ever attended has a story to tell about All Hallows. Events they've PC'ed are some of the most amazing and exciting stories, but also, some of the most emotionally intense and terrifying experiences they've had. We don't want to scare people into not attending, or worse, not playing their main PCs, because these events really are a ton of fun. But, surviving All Hallows without a death is something to be proud of - All Hallows are meant to be deadly. Don't expect plot to scale monsters at this event. We will not pull our punches. We want you to feel the terror we love to play with.

It was an All Hallows event that the motto "RUN -- FIGHT -- HIDE" came from. We ramp it up even more this event. Running and Hiding are more your friends than ever.

You will be hunted. You will be chased. There will be things hiding in the dark. The point of this event is to make you feel dread, fear, terror. This won't be all the time, but it will happen. I'm letting them off the leash, and they're coming for you.

With that said, while we might be cruel and heartless to your characters, we will always remember that you are paying customers who deserve fairness and respect on an Out Of Game level. Though things may seem hopeless and miserable IG, you can usually run away from most encounters. Usually.

If things get too intense, we will not stop you from leaving the game. We ask that you be fair with this power - we all know that we're playing a dark fantasy LARP, and being terrified is half the fun! We ramp it right up to horror this game, complete with jump scares. But we want you to look out for your OOG health first and foremost. For that reason, we've created a medical / injury policy that must be read by all - see here.

And finally - please dress warm. Bring extra socks. We are not expecting sub-zero temperatures, and our cabins are heated, but we recommend that you prepare for anything, including rain and snow.

We will see you out there. And beware.