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Full Version: NPCing: the IG
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"NPC Draw"

An NPC shift will now come with an IG reason, an IG outcome, and an IG impact, which you get to draw at the end of your shift.

What does this mean?

When you take an NPC shift, you get to choose what your PC is doing when they leave. The reason we have written up are: Farms, Docks, Forest, Swamp, Mines, Shore, Exploring. We can also assist with Shopping, Crafting, or Worshipping.

At the end of your shift, you will get a chance to get a result (this could be an encounter, an item, or both) and based on what you choose to do, collective actions can have an impact on the game world. Doing skeezy things may have skeezy results, but you do you.

Weekend NPCs, Season NPCs and Shapers who pay to play can get one draw. Multiple shifts do not get you multiple draws. One draw per PC.