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Full Version: Fundraiser: Shed Edition
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We're fundraising to get a new shed!

We're coming back to the new site (hurray!) for the foreseeable future, so it's time to make our new home permanent. Read more, see the details and see the rewards being offered, and donate here:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/get-r...20684812#/

As a note, the "shed" we're aiming to get currently is a Sea-Can. The goal price will cover purchase, delivery, install, and some storage / shelves. If we can get the shed we're hoping for, we can also get more equipment, including larger costumes and set pieces!

Need another reason why you might want to support getting a new shed?  To quote Justin Hollander:

"Alright listen up nerds. I am sick and tired of driving a car back and forth between sites. I'm sick and tired of having to unload Ivanna's car. It's time to stop this s***. Also trying to get Dan to come out at night with a car full of s*** is hard. So let's pay for a God damn storage container."

Thanks for that helpful quote Justin.

Please ask your questions here so we can keep the answers in one place as much as possible. Thank you!

Purchasing for non-Ralinwood characters is just fine - we'll work with you!

Shapers / NPCs on the 2019 staff team can buy rewards and redeem in 2020.
A large number of these perks are camp specific, does this mean if you are not part of a camp you cannot buy or use these perks?
Couple of Questions/Wording Inquiries:
- As many of these are camp specific, for people who stay within cabins are these confined to the inner structure, or does standing upon the steps still count? Also, is there a rough "etc by etc." area that is considered a camp?
- The bonus for a Moonlight Mantle would only affect those with the Nature Sphere, as it can only be worn by someone with that Sphere. Not sure if intentional.
- The Magic Armour and Advanced Magic Armour bonus descriptions are flipped with each other
- There is a Shield Magic bonus, but not an Advanced Shield Magic bonus. Is that intentional?

That is all I could find. I dream of shed.