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Full Version: Three [June 13, 6:03 AM]
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A cloaked and hooded figure walks down the shore until it reaches a dock not presently in use. The figure walks the length of the deck and sits down at its end, face (theoretically) pointed out towards the sea.
-Velvet out on a patrol spots the character. He makes his way towards the hooded figure on the dock. Not keeping his steps quiet, he stands about 10 feet away from the figure- "Hello~"
The figure does not respond.
-Velvet gets parallel with the figure on the dock still keeping his distance, he gets a couple feet closer and leans out to try and see the person's face-
"My name is Velvet~ What's your name?~" -he ask's cheerfully-
The figure gets up, facing away from Velvet, and moves down the dock away from Velvet before sitting down again.
-He tilts his head in confusing-

"...Do you want to be left alone?...Velvet just like to make friends..."
Ursel walks by, glancing from Velvet to the figure as they leave (sense undead), then back to Velvet.

"Not everybody wants to socialize, Velvet. Especially when there's so many bandits around."
-His head lowers-

"...Understood...Velvet just wanted to extend a welcome to be a friend...Velvet understands that sometimes its hard to make that first step...Velvet was a no one, then someone extended a hand of friendship to Velvet...Velvet just wants to be someone that people can look to for either a ear to talk to...a shoulder to cry on...and...someone they can be friends with"

-He turns to the figure-

"Sorry for bothering you..."

-he continues his patrol-
*Blank stands at the end of a parallel dock, watching from a distance ever so often. He seems to be more concerned with a cup of something in his hands, however*
Ursel takes a seat on the nearest horizontal surface and also looks out over the water.