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Full Version: Game Fees 2019
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Game Costs
One-day events: $45, $40 with prelog
Three-day events: $60, $55 with prelog
Double blanket events: $80, $75 with prelog

Season Pass price: $55 off - one free weekend event!

Bunks: $10/weekend
Cabins: $150/weekend 

Information about cabins at Stevenson's - http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums...p?tid=4573
Information about cabins at Peacekeeper Park - http://www.underworldralinwood.ca/forums...p?tid=3397

Admin Costs
Character creation fees (to unlock new characters): $15 to Underworld Canada (payments@larp.ca)

Character transfer fee (to transfer a character between guilds): $35 to Underworld Canada (payments@larp.ca)
both cabin links seem to be broken
Should be fixed now.
Please note that effective June 1, 2019, the cost of double blankets events (such as four day and All Hallows events) increased to $80 / $75 with prelog. This change is effective Globally.