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Full Version: Looking for Riven (Eve of April 15th)
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-The grizzly old Wolven can be seen around the tavern, drinking something from a bottle and looking around. He asks anyone near if they had seen Riven yet-
Riven enters and takes a seat at a corner table. He props open a leather bound book and scribbles inside it
-After being pointed towards Riven, the old Wolven smiles and approaches- Captain Riven, I presume? Sorry to interrupt, but I was told your note said you would be here this evening. I am Argus Fengari, Alpha of the Blue Moon Eclipse Pack, and Master Mystic, a pleasure.
He looks up from his work and smiles "No need to apologize Αργος. ἐλπίζω εἶναι χαλεπόν εὑρίσκειν με. περί τινῶν λέγειν βούλου;"
Riven motions for him to take a seat before closing the book.
-His eyes widen slightly and he grins- It has been ages since I've heard my native tongue. I fear common is more proficient these days. -The chuckles- I have, however, come for a consult of sorts. Upon my arrival to this fair town, before the with terms snows hit hard, I was informed that some of my...skills, shall we say, have been deemed illegal, but able to be performed with a writ? I speak of my garrote, I have seen many use them in this town yet I am told they are illegal?
He frowns “Shame. I rarely get to practice. Anyway. Yes. If you wish to continue to use your garrotte legally, you will need the appropriate writ of use. If you wish, I can put your name down on the list of requestees and start the process for you. As an aside though, best not to go by what everyone else is doing. Those in question may already possess writs themselves or may simply be choosing to ignore the laws. I mean, people make demon deals, doesn’t mean it’s smart or that you should too, you know?”
-The nods to the words of the Captain- Of course, I will admit I have been using it to deal with the Murkers threat that attacked this town, but for now I shall put it aside and not use it until this writ is obtained. I am an old Wolven, I can not really fight face to face anymore so the garotte has been useful in helping the town.
"Noted. Well, I shall pass along your request to the proper channels. Hopefully you receive a speedy response but with the inspection coming up...priorities are elsewhere. But, just have some patience and the response will come when it does. Is there anything else I can help you with?"
-The smiles once more- Thank you Captain. That is all I need at the moment, but perhaps soon we can meet and converse in Aslaks native tongue, to appease your desire and rekindle my wits.