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Full Version: Seeking the brewmaster
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*Roland enters the tavern and walks up to the bar searching for Capri*
Stepping over from the back room,  Capri places a few empty mugs behind the bar before spotting RolaND.  He waves him over and chuckles.

"Ey there roland-bro, been a time since Ya'll hit up the bar. What can I getcha? "
*Moving over to Capri* " Great! I hoped you'd be in my friend. I'm in desperate need of an alteration catalyst for one of my projects and you're the first person who came to mind. Any chance you could help this blacksmith out?"
"I'll make me a trip to my stash and see what I can find ya bro. Be making it back here in like an hour or so and I'll ha e an answer for ya. Chill?"

Capri moves to exit the bar withat his bottle in hand.

((At work, will let you know in the morning. I believe I do have one but can't be sure.))
Returning to the bar after a short time, Capri carefully holds a bag of who-knows-what. He moves behind the bar with a smile as he continues his previous cleaning and motions waiting for Roland.
Roland eventually returns and walks over to Capri at the bar
" Any luck my friend?"
"I gots good grooves fer ya roland-bro. Got one left for ya. Whatcha giving me for it ?"

He pulls out a rather pretty bow and holds it on display.
" Well I can pay in coin if you'd like as I've done before. If it would be useful to you I've also come into possession of about 11 lbs of alchemy raw materials I'd be willing to trade"
"Materials be good I be supposin', but coin be a lil' more helping with my suppliers. Coin'd be good. Think ya can be spilling in a whisper what ya'll is making to this brotha? Always got a wonder for what kind o' wild gear ya can be making."

He chuckles after he finishes speaking, leaning on the bar with a curious expression.
*Leans in closer to Capri and lowers his voice so only he can hear*
(PM incoming)
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