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Full Version: Looking for Mama [TS 8:30 pm, Jan 30]
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*Hannick walks into the tavern, brushing off snow from his pauldrons. He takes his helmet and gauntlets off, smiling as he tucks them under his arm. Absently he plays with two necklaces, one is a piece of juniper in a glass sphere, the other a small silver idol of Celeste.*

*pulling his glasses off, he squints as he tries to see who is in the tavern while he cleans his glasses of fog.*
"Hello! I am looking for Lady Jannika."
Rajani is sitting in the corner with her loom, weaving away. A large gear is hanging from her neck, catching the light of the lanterns as it swings.
Riven waves and walks over to Rajani. He points at a nearby chair "May I?"
Rajani looks up and smiles at the young scholar. "Of course." She then goes back to her work. If one looks closer they can see that she is working on a large banner, which is halfway completed.
Riven takes a seat but not before taking in the sight of the banner "That looks like it's coming along nicely" he smiles. He crosses one leg over the other and rests his hands upon his lap. His eyes trail away from the banner and fixate on the silver idol across the room. His expression is lifeless but the mana channeling in his hands dances erratically.
Rajani nods at his comment but does not look up. "It's for Nennia's bakery. Nearly finished the weave, then just a bit of embroidery and it will be completed. I don't think I will mark this one as mine, however, out of respect for her and our business relationship. I doubt a Draconian would want to work under the mark of a goddess." She looks up finally, catching on to the change in atmosphere and mood of her companion. "Riven? What is it?"
*comes out from within the kitchen having heard someone looking for her...glancing to Hennick*   I am she...
"Hm? Oh" his gaze doesn't move "N-nothing. Just...some garbage. I've never met Nennia. Is she new?"
Rajani still looks somewhat concerned, her gaze follows his until it falls in the newcomer's idol. A complex look passes over her feline features, before she dismisses it and turns back to her companion. "Nennia arrived in town shortly after the Hallows. She's a purple draconian and seems reasonable enough. Baker by trade, something that I think we could use."
"A baker? I'm sure Demetria will love her if she doesn't already. Nennia better keep a close eye on her inventory or she might find her muffins have learned how to vanish without a trace"
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