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Full Version: Another Lead (Jan 30th, 2:50pm)
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Once more Carrion returns to the tavern, this time seeking Anya. He yawns into the crook of his arm, squinting through it as he glances around the room for the young Aja woman.
*a very unusually gruff Jannika glances over*

You vant food???
"You're very kind... I would hate to bother you, when I'm mainly here to speak with Anya. I'm sorry I seem to be haunting your fine tavern more and more, with little coin to give you for the trouble."
Is no problem. *snaps a finger at her helper and then points to Carrion... moments later the helper sets a bowl of stew and stein of strong coffee before you*

*Jannika writes in her book* vhen you hev it, you will pay von silver - in zhe meantime...eat
He gives her a grateful smile and nods. "Thank you... I'll bring that to you as soon as I'm able."

Carrion takes a seat, hesitating before continuing. "Later I should take to you about what happened at the feast... I have some people I wish to ask about your things, and dont have a complete idea of what was taken. As well as some small questions about that night. I'm sorry we haven't been able to help more just yet."