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Full Version: A shift in duties. <930 Jan 29>
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Melody arrives at the tavern, she's dressed in her usual yellow dress with her hair up in a hair tie, she is wearing anĀ apron over top of her skirt. "Capri?" She calls out as she enters. There is a bit of a pep in her step as walks to the bar.
Stepping out from the back room with a chunk of ice held to his head and heavy bags under his eyes, Capri seats himself on his barstool behind the counter before raising a hand in greeting to Melody.

"Ay...I be here...Ooohhh fuck that smarts...G'mornin' to ya."

He proceeds to pull out a sprig of herb before chewing on it slowly.
Melody looks at Capri with a lot of concern, "Is everything okay? Are you hurt?"
Rubbing the ice on his head a bit, Capri nods as he adjusts his seat and huffs a sigh of relief.

"I be fine. Got a bit o' the headache from the party. Otherwise I be chill. Good ta see yer decked up and ready to work."

HHis hands work at bringing out a collection of mugs, glasses, and steins that all appear used iin some fashion.

"We all up and can be starting wit' some clean up to the servings. After that I all gonna bring ya to the brewery ta help spruce up the Bubbler."
Melody nods in understanding. "I've always been lucky never to have a rough morning." She moves to the mutex "Sure thing Capri, I meant what I said, totally at the ready today."
"Once these is done we'll get a move on ta the Bubbler, she be needin' a tuning real bad. Ain't been singing right for a few days. Let's get a groove going."

Capri tosses a clean rag to Melody as he unwraps one he had around his neck, slowly grabbing one of the steins and giving it a thorough clean-up bit by bit.
Melody nods, "I watch Roland work his forge, maybe I've learned something that could help." She says as she begins to clean.
After about and hour or so of straight cleaning piece by piece, Capri places the last of the supplies away into his chest. He turns to Melody and adjusts his goggles making sure they were there.

"The easy biz be all done but this be where the fun all goes down, ya'll comin' with me ta the Brewery. Hope ya ain't got the sensitiveness to ya sniffer cause the brewery be ripe with chems and herbs."

He moves from behind the counter over to the door slowly until he looks over his shoulder.

"Ready ta move on out?"