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Full Version: Kurn's looking for the Orc Brewmaster Guild...
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Stepping into the tavern, Kurn looks around blinking as his eyes adjust to the room's lighting and scans the room for a memorable face and wanders up to the bar. He sits down at the bar and pulls down his hood to make it easier to identify him as an Orc. He waits patiently for the Orc he met briefly at the last gathering to approach him again, fiddling with his bone necklace.
Stepping over with a smile on his face and a sprig of what may be mint in the crook of his mouth, Capri chuckles as he stands before Kurn on his side of the bar cleaning a stein without a thought.

"Well all up and greetings to ya brotha, what all be bringin' ya in, things be chill?"
Squinting and remembering the face, Kurn stops fiddling with the bones, and smiles,

"Aye, things are good. Thought about the guild. I want to join the brewers. Learn to make potions and fight with orcs by my side."
LLetting out a a hearty guffaw,  Capri gulps down the sprig he was chewing before placing his stein and cleaning cloth down. His right hand reaches over and plants itself upon Kurn's shoulder as he smiles wide.

"It be doing this kin a grand joy that ya wanna join the Brewlords. I be welcoming ya with open arms of brewing brute force. Shishahahaha! We'll get ya all settled up rightly so with a mark soon times but fer now Ya'll can be indulging a moment with me and a brew."

Turning around to the back counter for a moment, Capri grabs and plants on the bar before Kurn a pair of lowball glasses and proceeds to fill them with a strange dark liquid. He places the bottle aside and lifts the closer glass to himself and motions for Kurn to take the other.

"We is gonna have us a toasty time, my welcome to both Ralinwood and the Clan to ya."
Kurn grabs the glass, holds it up, inspects the drink, shrugs and swigs it back. Taking a deep swallow to push the last dredges of the gulp down his throat.

"What is it?"
(A dark liqueur resembling the taste of white chocolate and raspberry - 5 Stamina - 10 minute feeling of victoriousness )

"That Kurn-bro be my latest jive into brewing, name is a bit funky at the moment but the taste be wild."

Capri slugs back his glass and plants on the counter with a satisfied huff of delight. He continues to smile with a chortle behind his glee.