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Full Version: A Orc Looking to talk and Drink (dec 13, 2016 300pm)
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*Gnar stumbles into the tavern and looks back and dusts himself off and shouts out in a semi loud voice*

Capri are you hear i have something for you but i need to talk.

*Gnar then goes and sits at a table and waits for him*
At his usual space behind the bar with a grin on his face and his hands full of materials and cleansers, Capri ccan be heard simple humming a tune to himself till the voice breaks his flow. He turns to the doorway and speaks.

"Gnar-bro, what all be the happenings? Why ya got a need to be spilling to this bro?"

Capri sets aside his items before leaning on the bar top awaiting an answer.
*gnar perks up and walks over to capri and smiles*

hey capri i was wondering if you made any progress of the item we talked about and also if you had and interest in some alcohol i found
"Unfortunately  bro that all ain't gonna be happening any time soon like, items of that sort be rare as can be. I'll be looking on out for ya but it'll be a time 'fore Ya'll will see results. As fer the brew I usually don't buy up outside stock but I'll give 'er a look over."

Capri leans on one hand while the other is held out waiting to look over the brew in question. His smile is still present but tired.
*gnar just smiles and pulls out the bag and hands it to cpari*

[ornstein 2 staminia s silver, ye old mead 3 stamina 2 silver, elvish wine 2 stamina 10 servings 2 gold]

i understand i just like checking up and seeing im sorry if its bothersome and here they are
*gnar looks around the tavern and at Capri and looks a little worried*

is everything ok Capri you look tired 

*gnar leans back in his chair still looking around and takes out a small flask and drinks from it*
Rubbing at his eyes, Capri stands up fully as he grasps at the variety of brews before sniffing and observing them. He reaches behind him and grabs a branch from his chest before stuffing a majority of it iinto his mouth and chewing on it. The tired look on his face seems to slowly fade.

"Sa'll good bro, just been a whack couple o' eves. These is some alright brews. I ain't really got the coin to drop on expanding to outside brews at the moment but if ya wanna hang onto 'em I'll see what I can pull and let ya know. Ya chill with that?"
*gnar smiles and grins and take another drink*

That sounds great and elves well they do seem a little bit diffrent to us but i like em there not to bad of people
"Nah bro, not elves, eves. As is the sheet o' night that comes at the end of each cycle of the Light Bringer. I ain't been sleeping right lately thanks to some work but I be fine."

Capri makes a motion of his hand as if to solidly his correction as he speaks.
*gnar perks up and laughs *

Oh eves well yeah it's hard when you can't sleep what have you been working on

*gnar leans in more interested*