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Full Version: Proposal. (TS November 27, 2:30pm)
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Cora can be seen peeking into the door of the tavern. She looks around, holding a little black book in her hands, softly calling out,

"Capri? Are you here?"

Her chicken, elizabeak, clucks as she rest in Cora's basket. The gargylen steps inside and looks around.
-Wizwik is relaxing inside to keep warm from the cold outside, a big mug of Hard Cider in his hand- "Hey Cora~" he waves smiling
Behind the bar mixing and mumbling as he works, Capri takes a moment before hearing the faint voice. He turns to the door before spotting Cora and gives a wave and a smile before calling out.

"Well all up and hey Lil' Sis, all up and make ya way over here. take ya self a seat."

He motions to one of the bar stools before him as he chuckles and continues to mix and grind herbs.
"hello, wizwik." She nods to the gnome. She then says to wizwik in a hushed tone,

"Am going to tell big brother 'the thing'."
She looks over to capri and walks to him, bowing her head to the orc before taking a seat.

"Hello, big brother. Wanted to talk about things if not minding."
-Wizwik moves closer smiling like he knows something- "Ok~ I just want to be here to see Capri's face~" he giggles and takes another drink
"Sa'll good little one, all be telling Bro whatcha gots on your mind. Ya be always welcome to spill the talk-words with me."

Capri keeps his focus on Cora as he mindlessly mixes his herbs slowly.
She looks to wiz with a little smile then looks back at capri.

"W--well, was talking to wizwik about plans for the future. And, well, was thinking..."
"Well ya was thinking what Lil' Sis? What future biz ya'll planning?"

Capri's mixing is more rhythmic now as he works and adds small fauna from his apron pocket.
-Wizwik gives Cora a little nudge- "Dont be nervous Cora~ You got this~" he gives a thumbs up
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