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Full Version: Armour Guidelines Question
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Howdy Ho, I will be making some costuming for Halloween, and I'm going to carry it over as a larp costume. 
Before I start, I'd like to ask for some clarification on the armor rules.

I intend to make pleather armor, with thin roofing tin inserts sewn between two pleather layers, with the goal of making a light weight, low maintenance, reversible, brigantine which is worth more than 0 points. 

So, I was hoping it could count as studded leather(2) with a -1 penalty for using soft materials for a total of 1 point per location, but I realize that the armor system was never intended for someone to be purposefully make something with such inferior materials. I understand that it is impossible to evaluate armor before it is made, and as such I am only asking for a non-binding opinion, and not an official ruling.

I will be making the armor, the night of the 25th, so please respond asap if you are able.


-Chris Rowles