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Full Version: Cabin Rentals (Peacekeeper Park)
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Through the summer events, we'll be renting a cabin as well as individual bunks.

Bunk: $10

Private Half Cabin : $75

Private Cabin: $150

There are three cabins up for rent - Cabin 1, Cabin 2, and Cabin 4. Each cabin has 6 bunk beds for a total of 12 bunks. The person or group who rents the full cabin will get Cabin 4, and a half cabin will get Cabin 2. (Cabin 2 is the cabin with the partition wall down the middle.).  

All the cabins have electricity and heat.

We expect players to remain IG in their cabins.

You may reserve or pre-pay for a Cabin or Bunk. You can pay on site at logistics or pay in advance online to guarantee yourself a spot. 
E-transfer: Ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca
PayPal:  paypal.me/underworldralinwood

Cabins may not be locked unless an IG lock exists. Locks will work on the cabins as they are permanent structures. The lock must be approved by a marshall, tagged and repped appropriately as per the rulebook. Cabins may never be OOG locked. 

Combat in cabins is permitted but we ask that you be mindful of the building and furniture. 

The rules for searching someone's possessions in a cabin are the same as in a tent - you must have a marshal present. If you are not one of the individuals renting the cabin, you may not enter without a marshal or renter present, or without a renter's invitation. As with tents, we ask that you clearly mark your OOG possessions with something white.

Please email ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca  or message me with questions or to book spaces.
Bunks will be assigned if not requested.