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Full Version: New Character Creation Fee
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Hello all!

Character Creation Fees (to create a new character) will be raised this year to $15/character (up from $10/character).

The change is effective the first weekend event (May 20th). This means any NEW characters being played for the first time in May (or going forward) cost $15 to unlock.

For new players, that fee can be waived for the first event and can be paid on the second event. We want new players to experience UW without having to pay any upfront fees, and if they find it’s not their thing, they have spent nothing. Getting a payment system up is going to be a little rocky at first. Payment can be made to Garotte Productions via Paypal and E-transfers. Ralinwood will also take payment in cash for those that can’t pay online. New characters can be created but will be locked and unable to spend blankets until the fee has been processed and approved.

Payment can be made to Garotte Productions at any time during the month and they will unlock your character at that time. To simplify prelog, any Ralinwood characters who are still locked at the open of prelog for an event will be assumed to be paying the fee in cash. They will be unlocked at Ralinwood's expense and their owners will be able to pay the creation fee to Ralinwood at game.

If you do not wish to pay in cash at game, you may send your character creation fees to payments@larp.ca.

The little raise in the fee will help support Underworld, and may be used to increase the number of smoke bombs and flying machines at Warcry! Or something like that, I make no promises!

See details here: