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Full Version: CLOSED - Re-Adding Races into the Frag Book
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Hi all. 

The rules team is currently choosing which Appendix Races are to be re-added into the Frag Book this year. 

Please let me know which ONE race from each tier you would like to see return to the Frag book. 

  1. Goblin
  2. Kobold
  3. Minotaur
  4. Ogre
  5. Stone Elves
  6. Firbolg
  1. Avian
  2. Carnal Fae
  3. Wolven
Minotaur or Ogre. They seem fairly popular. I'm not really keen on having PC Goblins or Kobolds. They aren't supposed to live in settlements with humans and whatnot.

Avian, if that Shadow creature thing is added to Obscure. Otherwise Avian or Wolven.

A goblin played by Matty

I have been DYING to play a goblin since I started playing.
Stone elves, Avian
Stones elves and Avian
I would love to see stone elves back in there, but I really hate the addition of their "trigger warnings" drawback.
Ogre and Avian
I'd love me some Ogres and Stone elves. Berserking pcs add new and different Rp
Stone elves!!!
I would do anything to have Goblins!! we need more normalized greenskins
, also Avian.
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