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Full Version: Policy: Approaching Crossplay Appropriately
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LARPing involves pretending to be something your not. Sometimes, you're a human man named A------ playing a human man named A--- and there is nearly no imagination needed. Sometimes, you're a human playing a savar. It is your right as much as everyone else's. You do your best to make yourself look like a bipedal feline and it's up to everyone else to respect that you are what you say you are.

How is this the same as crossplay? Sometimes you're a man and you want to play a woman, or a woman and you want to play a man, or you're both or neither and decide to play one or the other, or you're one or the other and decide to play neither. You do your best, and everyone else has to do theirs. You are allowed to play any gender and any gender expression that you'd like. Your choice is nobody's business but your own.

Belittling your fellow players is never acceptable. It's none of your business to decide what sort of character your peers should or shouldn't play. It doesn't matter if you think they did it well or not. If I find anyone attacking crossplay or crossplayers, I will find you and dismiss you from site and you will be invited to try again next game.