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As many of you may or may not know, we've been working on a global website and forum for our international community to gather, read news, discuss the game and a plethora of other amazing topics. While we're not 100% complete, I'm happy to open up the first leg of this project with our Underworld Wide forums. Currently only our Announcements and OOG forums are up and accessible. I encourage you all to join, create an account and contribute to the conversation. There are some very important topics that we will be discussing including policies for all Guilds, News on World Plot and methods to pull our various guilds together into a single family. We have the best community of LARPers I have ever seen. The world is seeing it too. We're growing fast and we're not even advertising. Almost all of this attention is because of you, our global playerbase and the awesome things you accomplish. This Global forum will help us stay on track if things get complicated.

Please note that accounts will need to be approved before they will be given posting access. You will need to include your real name as well as your Guild House. Additionally I'm currently the only one approving members, and since we're likely to get a very large influx of new accounts once I post this, have some patience.
Future updates to the forum will include a Buy/Sell Market OOG, an IG message board for players to leave notes on, a global rules team, a World Shaper team and a private forum for Guildmasters. Stay tuned!

The template for the forum is likely going to change over the next couple days as our webmaster finds something more stable. Posts won't disappear but the scheme and colours might get wonky for a bit.

Please report any bugs to comments@larp.ca