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Full Version: Midday at the Pavillions (Thursday, noon)
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A little canopy has been set up in the open field by the pavilions. Under it are two chairs and a warm glowing brazier. Lady Urquart takes a seat.
*Ludwig approaches slowly, leaning on his staff. As he gets within 10 or so feet, he bows with his massive wizard hat leaning forward*

"Guten tag, Fräulein Urqvart. How is mein Fräulein finding zis day?"
*emerges from the woods and walks over to where Lady Urquart is*

"Hi Ludig, Hi Lady Urqus"
*Shadolas exits the treeline and makes his way towards the canopy. He stops a little distance away and watches the growing crowd*
* Vali stays near the back of the group taking drinks from his flask every so often*
*Roland emerges from the tree line and finds a place in the group. He looks around to see if he can see Luna*
*Aminata, dressed in a finer green dress with gold sleeves, approaches Lady Urquart and curtsies, holding it until released.*

"My Lady."
Lord Bantry steps out from behind the small canopy. He straightens his coat and takes a seat beside Lady Urqaurt.

A goblin played by Matty

*Muninn walks by stopping at the amassing crowd.*
"This looks important.Greetings everyone"
*walks over to the crowd spotting
Roland she waves and walks over to his side.* "Hello."
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