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Full Version: Gaining a Vocation
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If a player wishes to register their apprenticeship, they must send an email to the Shaper team while CCing the player who will be taking on the role of mentor.

Time Requirement:
Once a player has registered an apprenticeship, they will be required to apply 3 blankets to their character. The event following the application of their third blanket, the apprentice will have completed their apprenticeship. At this point if the apprenticeship has completed the RP requirements set out by their mentor, the player will be allowed to spend the required Frags and take on their new vocation. Using this system a player may spend many events working under their mentor, but may complete their training in a minimum of three events.

Role Play:
To complete their training, an apprentice must participate in role play elements as outlined by their mentor. The mentor is encouraged to get creative with their role play plans, but they should send a short outline to the plot team for approval. 

Some suggestions for role play elements include:
  • Short training sessions
  • In game objectives or tasks
  • Passing on a code of honour

Gaining a Vocation:
Now that the time commitment and role play elements are finished, you are free to take on your new vocation. Send an email to logistics@underworldralinwood.ca and have them update your character card. Remember to manage your soul frags as a new vocation costs 150 frags.