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Full Version: Blacksmithing Weapons
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I have looked in the rule book but can not seem to find the cost of raw materials for making weapons, however I can find the cost for armour and shields.

Can someone please let me know.

You will find your answer on page 73 of the core rulebook.

Weapon Production Cost
Simple Weapon 4
Medium Weapon 24
Large Weapon 40
Exotic Weapon 48
Arrow x6 / Bolt x6 1

See my post below.
I thought that was Production Points (PP) not Raw Materials (RM). How is it determined how many RM are need to create a type of weapon, armour, or shield?
My apologies, I must have been really sleepy this morning.

Core Rulebook Page 67 Wrote:Production Skills
Production Skills are skills that may be purchased multiple times. They allow mastery over producing certain items and goods that are the lifeblood of the in-game commercial world. Each level of a skill grants the character 2 Production Points (PP) per day. These points can be spent on items as per the descriptions that follow. They may also be saved up, month by month, in order to build more difficult items. A certain amount of Raw Materials are required in order to build these items. This is epresented by units of Raw Material (RM). This cost is 1 RM per Production Point spent on building items. There is no limit to the number of levels of each of these skills, that you may purchase, nor is there a limit on how many Production Points may be saved. Raw Materials are kept and spent like any other unit of treasure (gold, silver, etc). It is the player's responsibility to obtain the Raw Materials needed to create their items. These can be found or purchased as normal treasure, or obtained from any appropriate “Craftsmen” skill. A player may purchase RM at Logistics if there is at least 1 active NPC merchant house in town and the player is in good favor with them.
Ah alright. That clears that up.