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A goblin played by Matty

Hey guys.
I was wondering if someone could give me the lamens on threshold .
If I have say Silver weapon, does that automatically beat wardstone for example or does it have to be specifically a silver threshold.
Do you mind quoting the Rulebook on your specific question next time? Pretty please?

Also, I am unsure about what you mean in terms of Thresholds beating Wardstones...

A Threshold indicates the minimum amount of force required to damage that character. If no threshold is indicated (this includes you PCs) then you have a 0 Normal Threshold. Meaning that you take the effect from all damage types.

A Zombie with a 2 Magic Threshold needs to be hit with a weapon that does 3 or more Magic damage in order to take the damage effect, it will NOT be affected by Normal, Iron, or Silver Damage types.

A Wardstone ADDs +1 to the holders existing threshold. As a human PC with no other thresholds, it would add a +1 to your normal Threshold making it a 1 Normal Threshold. If the aforementioned zombie carried a Wardstone it would add a +1 its Magic Threshold making it have a 3 Magic Threshold.
There doesn't actually seem to be a proper discussion of thresholds in the rulebook, so let me give you the rundown.

There are three levels of thresholds: Normal/Iron, Silver, and Magic. They correspond with the basic damage types, and each is greater than the other, meaning a creature with a Silver threshold can only be damage by silver and magic damage, while a creature with a magic threshold will take no effect from normal, iron, or silver weapons.

Thresholds will also have a value stated in a number (3 Normal Threshold, 4 Silver Threshold, 0 Magic Threshold, etc.). To deal damage to a creature with a, for example, 2 Normal Threshold, you must damage them for at least 3 Normal, or deal silver or magic damage to them. A creature with a 0 value Threshold simply needs to be hit with a weapon of that damage type or higher to take the effect.

Wardstones are a protection spell that grant the holder a +1 Threshold, this means that the holder gains +1 to whatever threshold they have. For most people, that is just a Normal threshold, meaning a person holding two wardstones would have a 2 Normal Threshold. Any Normal damage exceeding 2 will damage the holder, as well as any amount of silver or magical damage.

A goblin played by Matty

I found the rulebook lacking too.
That answers my question perfectly !
Thank you Ryab.
Can I ask a question expanding on this, if you don't mind?

Draconian threshold in the context of garrotte. For the purposes of the attack, garrotte does 1 body, correct?

Does body damage fall under a normal threshold? (So, if I had a threshold of 2 normal...a 2 body arrow wouldn't hurt me? Or in the case of a level 4 draconian who had a threshold of 2 normal...garrotte would be ineffective?)
To make this clear, the general threshold hierarchy is
Arcane >> Magic / Elemental >> Silver >> Iron / Normal

This means that damage in any one of these categories, will always beat a threshold of a category to its right, and must exceed a threshold's damage value when working within the threshold.

So 10 magic body beats any normal or silver thresholds as well as a 5 magic threshold, but not a 10 magic one or a 0 Arcane one.

Body damage is considered the same threshold as whatever the damage call is. So 10 body is normal, 10 magic body, 10 silver body and so forth.

A garotte of normal type could not bypass a draconian's threshold in most cases. However a silver garotte can be made, or the user can be given a magic aura. Both of which would allow the garotte to bypass a normal threshold.


Yes, for the purpose of threshold breach garotte does 1 body.

Unless specified("2 silver body", "2 magic body" etc), body damage is normal damage and would fall under the same category as normal damage.

A draconian with a 1 normal threshold would not be effected by a 1 body garotte.
This is why the gods invented Magic Garottes.
And why the alchemists invented quicksilver coatings.

Rightly rewarded is the artist who cares well for the tools of their trade.
Another point to consider is that some of the more obscure damage types count as "Magic" for the purposes of thresholds.

Elemental damage, Acid Damage, and Massive Damage all count as "Magic" for the purpose of thresholds, even if they come from non-magical sources.

In contrast to what was said above, on the Jericho Forums, an owner stated:
Ward Stones give you a +1 normal threshold for each one you have. They do NOT add +1 to your silver or magic threshold. Some players believe that if you have 6 magic threshold and get 2 wardstones, you'll have an 8 magic threshold. This is not the case. If you already have a silver or magic thresholds, wardstones are effectively useless to you.

I have asked them if this will be clarified in a later rulebook release.
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