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Full Version: Banning Policy
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We value the strength of our community, and unfortunately sometimes the maintenance of that community requires that people who are doing thing deleterious to the greater good and to the game be removed.

We do not take bannings lightly, and banning a player is never done arbitrarily. A banned player is always given a reason for the banning. We do not post bannings or their causes publicly for the protection and privacy of the banned person(s), but the process of becoming banned involves multiple discussions with the guild owners and typically involves several warnings or a probation. It isn't a surprise to the banned party.

As a sister guild, Ralinwood honours all bans placed by the Jericho and Kalidor guilds.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to one of us at michelle@underworldralinwood.ca or morgaine@underworldralinwood.ca.